TAO GreenPaper Abstraction.

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    TAO is aim to be a Universal Blockchain architecture.

    TAO (Trust Astro Object) ‘도’ ‘道’ ‘到’ is huge blockchain architecture and co-operating the heterogeneous behavior of several blockchains.

    all object in universe

    • it has its own philosophy
    • reason of existence
    • its own way of doing
    • its own lifecycle

    All each blockchain have a their own properties , their own roles , strong points of functionalities, and lifecycle.

    TAO Archicture aim to be a space to platform for each other blockchain’s connections and co-operations, finally it will more good for solve scalablity issues of blockchain.

    • It is not control whole things in one blockchain.
      From beginning pow chain will be leading, next phase, POS and POA chain will join , for doing a they have more good functionality feilds with each independent chains.
      and some other chain will be fork from each chains and they finished their roll, sink to parents chain.

    In TAO , solve the scalablity and storage and network traffic reduces by mainly concern of lifecycle and lifetime of blockchain.

    Besides of PoW chain, in future, more lite chain will be implemented for very lite IoT devices.

    Refer . 2016.10 How to Prevent EVM Gas DDOS Idea:

    Because current EVM cannot fit on lite devices.
    I think more realistic approach is divide main chain and develop lite chain and lite application machine for lite IoT devices.

    for to do that, SmartContract VirtualMachine will be developed direction with tightend to fit and run on small micom cpus.

    • Base idea of acheive this, not using highly abstacted instruction set computer, but adapt real working cpu core instructions set machine.

    mainly considering instruction set is RISCV machine or OpenRISC instruction set machine is good candidates.

    in TAO, That will be called TAM (Trust Applicaton Machine).

    There’s no licenses and no IP risk instruction set machine will be adapted.

    • Second, in TAO adapt wide contents [blogging, music, UCC , forum, …] archiving and rewarding platform.

    First Phase of Contents platform is begin with TEO (PoW) blockchain based system, Next Phase It will adapt backend blockchain with PoS or PoA based platform.

    it is more strong feature do a less blocktime, transaction speed increase, save energy saving and good at DAPP services.
    But, Still blockchain security concerns compare than PoW blockchain.

    Idea of solving security vulnarabilities and Richier more Richier , Poorer more Poorer problem on PoS Based system.

    • First approach is min-max stake balancing and more large counts of validator nodes,
    • and wide spread and distribution of validator nodes which geo-location of physical nodes.
    • Fund states transfer method:
      Recent blockchain tech has many useful way to exchange funds to another blockchains.

      • There’s atomic swaps,
      • Smart contract based message driven methods,
      • 2-way of side chaining methods.

      mainly considering methods are smart contract based fund transfer methods.

      also, DEX (DeCentralized Exchange) is can do by 3rd party service providers.

    TEO is beginning of this TAO Architecture - TAO.Foundation