Join the TEO Testnet Mining.

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    We have testnet mining bounty for 100TEO ~ 300TEO
    you can refer more details on mining bounties in Bounty program.

    In teo - material mining section

    you can get the informations.

    Execution Client and Solo Mining

    option 1 : you can start teotest chain with solo mining node with rpcport 8546

    rteo --chain=teotest --author=YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS --jsonrpc-port=8546 --ws-port=8547

    option 2 : you can start teotest chain with simple client node , no solo mining , default rpcport is 8545

    rteo --chain=teotest

    Execute miner

    ethminer Nvidia Ethminer Tested Version - 0.14.0.dev1

    ethminer -U -F --cuda-devices 1

    Claymore Dual Miner [AMD+Nvidia] DualMiner Tested Version - 11.7

    EthDcrMiner64.exe -allcoins 1 -epool -etht 1000