[Bounty-500] TEO Contentns Reward 적정선 논의

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    현재, TEO 에서는 콘텐츠 Reward 로 다음과 같은 비율로 책정되었습니다.

    Community Funds Contents Reward share on github

    Community Funds will be used with reward for contents creator, contents reviewer, contents querators.
    More detailed consensus will be updated, feedback from communities.

    Current Concept of Contents Rewards is for

    Creator Editor(Moderator) Querator(Promotor) Reader Reserved(T.B.D)
    70% 10% 5% 1% 14%

    Above table will be changed by community feedbacks and If contents rewards funds is shorten that what consuming, unit Contents Rewards will be shrink down to fit in Community Funds.

    리저브드 14% 중에서, 5% 는 콘텐츠 저장하고, 네트워크 트래픽을 제공하는 Storage Provider / Network Provider 에 제공됩니다.

    위의 내용에서 보완되거나, 변경이 되어야 할 부분에 대한 의견을 구합니다.

    향후, 채택되고 논의에 참여할 사용자에게는 소정의 바운티 [500TEO 한도] 제공을 합니다.

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    Contents Rewards shared by above ratio table.
    in Now, P2P Contents Storage and Network Traffic provider will get 5% .

    Is there your opinion ? and Any good suggestion?
    please reply it.

    This Subject has Bounty Program [max 500TEO] it will shared to discuss participates.

  • @admin in case of T.B.D 14% , it needs to share to storage and network traffic supporting node. some of 5%?