TEO Whitepaper and Exchange Application paper.

  • TEO Whitepaper

    And Exchange Application Paper

    • –Release date : April 5 , 2019
    • –History of documents:
      • trustfarm : April 4 – appliance on k------ exchange submission questions.

    Project Introduction

    Coin/Token Name and Ticker *


    Vision & Mission of the project *

    Making a Contents platform, based on TEO

    One sentence summary of the project *

    Fair Consensus Creativitiy Blockchain, in TAO Blockchain Architecture.

    Full introduction of the project *

    Please include but not limit to followings: target market and user size, business model, usage of blockchain, and practical application cases if you have.

    TEO (Trust Ethereum Re Origin)

    Target : Contents / Creativity Blockchain.

    MainFeature :

    1. ETH/ETC reorigin -> re unified with accounts airdrop, similar effects eth / etc hardfork. get big potential user size who have eth/etc 3.6M holders.

    2. ANTI - Eth ASIC Mining -> TEThashV1 : EIP-1485 , EIP-1545

      refer1 : https://forum.tao.foundation/topic/44/teo-new-economy-model-asking-to-the-community-about-supply-limitation

      refer2 : https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/blob/master/EIPS/eip-1485.md

    * All Progress board : https://forum.tao.foundation/

    * All github source client : https://github.com/tao-foundation/rteo

    * Korea official forum : https://www.blockchainhub.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=tao

    * BitCoin Talk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4906045

    * Explorer : https://explorer.tao.foundation , https://explorer2.tao.foundation

    * TAO Presentation PPT : https://forum.tao.foundation/assets/uploads/files/1536833416140-tao-hybridblockchain-for-ioe-ai-creativity-tokenizeit1-abstract-4-pubann.pdf

    About 3.6M ETH/ETC effective personal Accounts has airdroped on TEO Mainnet.

    Effective Eth Accounts : about 3.4M accounts.

    Effective Etc Accounts : about 200K accounts.

    Airdroped Total Funds used : about 10M TEO.

    TEO block rewards are 5TEO and 0.5 TEO is contents reward community funds.

    in Mainnet , restricted airdrop funds, for personal wallet owner based. eg. 0.05 < ETH < 2000 .

    refer : https://forum.tao.foundation/topic/19/teo-mainnet-eth-etc-snapshot-blocknumber

    TEO is first mainnet of TAO Architecture.

    refer : https://forum.tao.foundation/topic/23/tao-architecture-conference-presentation

    Total Supply will limited 200M TEO.

    refer : https://forum.tao.foundation/topic/44/teo-new-economy-model-asking-to-the-community-about-supply-limitation

    On Top of TEO Mainnet , Creativity DAPP (Vlog) will main target of usages.

    And, Funds usages guidelines are here. (need to upgrade, by confirm of supply limit)

    • Around reserved 40M TEO usages ::

      1. most of funds will be burned.

      2. some of funds will be sink to SA(Special Account) for State swap contracts.

      3. some of reserved for 2nd / 3rd Airdrop marketing purpose.

    refer : https://forum.tao.foundation/topic/2/teo-testnet-bounty-program-v0-3/5

    Next phases are companion TEOA (POA) chain will be add.

    then TEO (PoW) token state and Fast transaction utility feature of chain (POA) will co-operates tremendous traffics. it will solve PoW chains scalability issues.

    Business model:

    refer : https://github.com/tao-foundation/teo-material#6-teo-blockchain-spec

    1. Community Funds usages.

    Current Concept of Contents Rewards is for share rewards to all participants. [Need to modify and moderate]

    Creator : 70%

    Editor(Moderator) : 10%

    Querator(Promotor) : 5%

    Reader : 1%

    Reserved(T.B.D - resource provider) : 14%

    Competitive Advantage *

    Who are your competitors and what are your competitive advantages?

    1. World First 2 Popular Blockchain Snapshot and Airdrop 6M (testnet) 3.5M (mainnet)

    2. Anti - Eth ASIC algorithm applied.

    3. Former connection with Bittrex [1. community 2016, 2. musicoin.org tech support channel]

    Official Website *


    Whitepaper Link *

    https://github.com/tao-foundation/teo-material and https://forum.tao.foundation describes all. additional email, doc format file will sent.


    Founders background and team introduction *

    (e.g. How many full-time members you have, and what are their roles?)

    3 full time.

    Community member relationship with [parity devs, web3 devs, many other members]

    Why and how did you start this project? *

    From 2015.8 , I was highly shared Ethereum and Blockchain / ICO reviews public.

    I was interested and researching Blockchain on IoT.

    in TAO architecture, next Blockchain project is iTAO and TAM. (IoT light chain and iot contract machine)

    I've supported several blockchain projects and consult freely on hacking issues and make lower the barrier onto cryptocurrency world.

    Also, voluntarily support developing musicoin.org with one of parity developers. it share to COSMOS (jaekwon , 2016) , 7218ETH Hacking Trace and surveys in 2016.

    Also, Introduced COSMOS to Korea first, still communication with him.

    I always thoughts of multiple blockchain co-operation models.

    So, I've finally make Roadmap and direction, it is described TAO.

    TEO is more focused on contents reward model blockchain.

    Roadmap of the project *

    Refer TAO PPT and GreenPaper.

    Refer here: https://forum.tao.foundation/assets/uploads/files/1536833416140-tao-hybridblockchain-for-ioe-ai-creativity-tokenizeit1-abstract-4-pubann.pdf

    Coin/Token Introduction

    Usage of Coin *

    Contents Reward Platform Coin.

    Type of Coin *

    Is your coin ERC 20? If you have a plan of token swap, please elaborate.

    NOT ERC20

    Current coin economy status *

    (e.g. total supply, circulating supply, number of coin holders)

    200M , 90M circulating (around 40M will be burn,sink) , 3.5M holders

    Incentive Structure *

    Blockreward 5TEO/block (14.4secs) . contents rewards funds 0.5TEO for community.

    Changed to decrease block reward by 4TEO/3TEO/2TEO… every 5years.

    Type of consensus algorithm / Why did you choose the algorithm? *

    T-ethashV1 , Anti ETH ASIC Algorithm. Original eth ethash is optimal, but there's ASIC miners, so, global GPU miners dismissing ethash. I've made tethashv1 and proposed ethereum community . [EIP-1485 and 1545]

    It will obsolete current ETH-ASIC miners.

    Next PoW algorithm change will be Fair efficiency btw CPU/GPU/ASIC.

    Detail about your ICO *

    (e.g. ICO raised amount, number of participants, use of the fund, token distribution)

    NO ICO. Prefunderers and Dev funds are allocated within 20M TEO.

    Community & Backers

    How many community members do you have? How are they distributed regionally? *

    Please specify by community channels with the link

    Telegram chat : https://t.me/trustfarmblockchaintalk , 700 and unknown.

    Korea Official forum : https://www.blockchainhub.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=tao

    Who do you have as advisors? And why did you invite them as advisors? *

    No tightly coupled with advisors. around 10s. Most of them are early adapter of Korea blockchain communities.

    Who are your major investors including institutional funds? *

    Self Made/ Self Funding / Internal Dev Funding / No other funderers.

    Basically, I don't want ICO concept of public funds. For following the KYC, I like to get fund when it is more realized or almost seen in real things.

    Who do you think are the other major supporters of your projects? *

    COSMOS , WEB3 Polkadot , Parity , Protocol.ai

    They are all similar technical concepts, details are all differ .

    And, Core-components what TAO technical needs.

    Besides of my TAO projects, I supported and community contributted them (officially/unofficially) several years.

    Exchange & Listing

    Where are you listed currently? *


    Can you share a legal memo or equivalent documents that you submitted to regulators or other organizations? (Including the review regarding security token or any violation) *

    This is utility mainnet, blockchain and platform feature blockchain, So, I think no regulators interested. already realized, it means it is not my own whole. it is owned by community who mining and holding, no violation of SEC guidelines, it is not a security token.

    What promotion do you want to do with exchange? *

    What you want, I will accept your suggestion with positive.

    Anything else you would like to share with us? *

    If you would like to share some documents, please leave the link below.

    https://forum.tao.foundation/topic/21/conference-on-ai-and-iot-in-paris-france , 2018.08

    Title: Distributed and Decentralized Artificial Intelligence and IoE Kyutae Ahn | Trust farm Mobile Inc. | South Korea

    https://medium.com/@musicoin/the-global-ambassador-program-a0aaac807091 , 2017.12

    Musicoin The Global Ambassador Program

    https://www.ddengle.com/board_free/1562922 sms hacking analysis report to community on 2017.01

    fileLink : 0_1554988225378_TEO Whitepaper-n-exchange-appliance-v0.92.pdf