[ENG] TEO Status and Notify TEO will Full Public!

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    2018-11-20 08:15:26 +0900 ! ETH Airdrop finished.

    refer here : https://forum.tao.foundation/topic/34/eth-etc-airdrop-finished-successfully

    All ETH/ETC Airdrop funds are about 9.2M TEO spent.

    in case of ETH 3.383 Milion users.
    and ETC 196 Kilo users.

    refer here : https://forum.tao.foundation/topic/31/airdrop-progress

    Average 2~3 TEO is airdroped per accounts. and Max TEO has sent to 511 TEO , which accounts have 2000 ETH (or 66666 ETC) .

    Greater than 2000 ETH (or 66666 ETC) has 0 TEO.

    refer here : https://forum.tao.foundation/topic/24/prepare-teo-mainnet-with-algorithm-change-ethash-tethashv1-and-airdrop-calc

    There’s worry on TEO dumping , cause of Airdroped funds.
    But, We think if TEO price over $10 , then Airdroped funds are may be in market. however , at that time, that’s may be no problem, because it means TEO is more higher potential on cryptocurrency. (I wish TEO will over $10)

    From this time airdrop,
    We have a some effective results and feedbacks from airdroping works.

    1. Excessive TPS Testing on TEO clients.
      Several and continous Max 4066 TX / Block has worked.
      It means Max 330TPS.

    (Running nodes are 11 , But, Block propagation times are not a problem current networks environment, So, No Client nodes are down and run well. Sometimes PC nodes are at lack some seconds)

    In case of Ethereum has average TPS setting is about 20 TPS.

    1. On this time of works, Open-Ethereum-Pool based Pool has some compatibility trouble with Latest RedisDB.


    1. TEthashV1 and TeoMiner stability checked.
      and needs to tune a little bit differently than Legacy ETH-Ethash.
      for stable mining.
      Several information has reported to us.

    Basically TEthashV1 is more multiplication computation on FNV , it makes more secure hash and hashrates are less reporting the hashrates 5~10% compared than legacy ethash.

    Thus, current ETHASH has ETH-ASIC and veiled in accellerations.
    If we assume it as 20%,
    TEO Hashrates are more effective 2~30% values than ethash.

    And Current Open-Ethereum-Pool base Pool displays network hashrates are not exact, in case of more effective Network hashrates values are https://explorer.tao.foundation and TEO Stat will be more accurates.
    It is depend on avg block time and current difficulties.

    1. We are plan to events , collects and share Stock Hashrates per GPU and Tunning value and Tuned hashrates for TethashV1.

    From Above reasons, Early bird miners has some confusion, recheck and review the pools , there’s no big problems.

    Above field experiences gave a great Development information for future.

    1. We are preparing TIP Bountys for During VIP Mainnet , WhiteListed miners, Before Full Public Mainnet starts.

    And, Devide and Branching the Genesis Fund , moved some funds for Burn purpose wallets.

    Feedback from marketing advisors and Early adaptors on cryptocurrency, in future some of burn funds will used for 2nd , 3rd Airdrop and Marketing Events, XRTube (Video Streaming Platform) developments and General Marketing funds.
    In case of Burn funds using cases are feedback from TAO Communities suggestions, for developing and helpful directions for TAO Projects.

    1. Public Bootnode and Open TEO Stat, change the pool to public, foreign Pool listsing… will be progress.

    Completion of Above ETH/ETC airdrop TEO hash about 3.45 Million accounts.

    Please spread this information, and promote TEO to listing exchanges.

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    [11/23/2018 update]


    Release public binary and How to build on windows10 and ubuntu in README.md
    please check this release binary and make pool or other eco-systems

    when you porting your open-ethereum-pool change vendor link to https://github.com/tao-foundation/tethashv1-geth
    you can refer open-teo-pool src.