SSZ (SSAMZI) Community FUND usage discussion

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    TEO has Community Fund.
    10 % of Block reward, current 0.5 TEO / BLOCK mining, it is stacked. it is also decreased every 5M Block.

    From now on, at lease 6 months, This fund would not circulation.
    It will not own by DEV or Foundation.

    It will delivered to Community Validator group is when setup in future, then All of Authority of usage is by their own decision.

    Basically, I intended for use of community funds, it is defined in our github here

    SSZ Funds (쌈짓돈-Ssamzi-don(money)) : 0.5 TEO / Block [SSZ Funds for Community , Following will be changed for more familiar with Community Activation and Marketing]
    it is for funds for developers and used for contents owner's rewards , like a Musicoin and Steemit.
    first 0.5M blocks , it will owned by Devs and Founders, over 0.5M blocks it will be move to contents owners and community funds, ratio of 10%.
    0 ~ 0.5M block : 0.50 [Dev] : 0 [community]
    0.5M ~ 1M block : 0.45 [Dev] : 0.05 [community]
    1M ~ 1.5M block : 0.40 [Dev] : 0.10 [community]
    1.5M ~ 2M block : 0.35 [Dev] : 0.15 [community]
    2M ~ 2.5M block : 0.30 [Dev] : 0.20 [community]
    2.5M ~ 3M block : 0.25 [Dev] : 0.25 [community]
    3M ~ 3.5M block : 0.20 [Dev] : 0.30 [community]
    3.5M ~ 4M block : 0.15 [Dev] : 0.35 [community]
    4M ~ 4.5M block : 0.10 [Dev] : 0.40 [community]
    4.5M ~ 5M block : 0.05 [Dev] : 0.45 [community]
    5M ~ T.B.D
    Community Funds will be used with reward for contents creator, contents reviewer, contents querators.
    More detailed consensus will be updated, feedback from communities.
    Current Concept of Contents Rewards is for <br> 
    | Creator | Editor(Moderator) | Querator(Promotor) | Reader | Reserved(T.B.D) |
    |   70%    |        10%  |          5%   |       1%        | 14%        |
    Above table will be changed by community feedbacks and If contents rewards funds is shorten that what consuming, unit Contents Rewards will be shrink down to fit in Community Funds.

    It is similar as UBI (Universal Basic Income) and Community Treasure Fund.

    There’s some asking it is not for miners, but This kind of community Funds are need for contents platforms.

    It is one of usages for this funds are, NGO (Non Governmential Organization) on Blockchain world, or Blockchain Security Group, or Blockchain Save the poor, …

    Do you have a any suggestion?

    Discuss here, or

  • Partial Burn? and Decide in future again?