[Information-Progress] ETC Airdrop Completed, ETH Airdroping Now.

  • Hi all,

    in TEO TestNet ,

    ETC 250K Accounts, Airdrop completed.
    And Now,
    ETH 5_600_000 (5.6M) Accounts, Airdroping.
    Currently, 370_000 (370K) Accounts progressing.

    It will finished until on this end of week days.

    We’ll prepare TETHash (ASIC Preventing ETHash Algorithm) for TEO chain.

    We provide 2 kinds of Explorers.

    1. https://teoexplorer.tao.ac
    2. https://explorer.tao.ac

    You can check your ETH/ETC Accounts related TEO Airdrops.

    You have still chances to join our TAO and TEO Projects.

    Please refer Bounty Program


    Any comments welcome.