There’s pool operator has problems on migrate their own pool for TEO. Here’s open-ethereum-pool based migration to TEO mining. please refer here:: Opensource - ethereum - pool for TEO migration guide. 1. How to change import path to patched tethashv1 Download and install gomove binary from # you also download gomove binary packages release pages # wget sudo dpkg -i ./gomove_0.2.17_amd64.deb Change go import paths with gomove # change import path to followings gomove -d ./ gomove -d ./ 2. How to upgrade open-ethereum-pool to support parity V2 getWork in open-ethereum-pool develop branch there’s parity V2 getWork supports. please refer related issues in sammy’s open-ethereum-pool repository patched commit is so you can cherry pick or manual patch to your custom open-ethereum-pool src. git cherry-pick 34040466e2c392dc8dc6104e571875cbcfbec0c8 and, make all , it is enough things to your open-ethereum-pool to support tethashv1 TEO mining. open-ethpool-teo$ make all