Hello, All. XRTube is Streaming Front End and Engine on top of TEO Contents Creativity chain. Current XRTube is very scalable transmission platforms for Super UltraHD Video. It means basically includes, Broadcaster level of streaming technologies. MPEG-DASH is International broadcasting standards, and adapted on BBC, Netflix , May Global Broadcaster’s Using protocol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0B9wXzlIiNs XRTube demo test video. Contents of Timeline 20sec : introduction display device. 40sec : 8K multicam demo contents introduction 50sec : Zoom In/Out and POI move demo 1m50 sec : POI(Point of Interest) 관심영역 based transfer rate comparison : 8K Video : 30% (24Mbps) BW of original 80Mbps . 2m30 sec : HQ (High Quality) vs LQ (Low Quality) demo. 2m45 sec : POI based mouse movement demo. 3m sec : POI based Adaptive Quality change demo. 3m 35 sec : Youtube 8K Same video Play comparison 60-100Mpbs on 8K Play with buffering Twice Knock Knock 8K Multi Cam Video , original Video Links are : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NukHPr4eigI