Article link #1 : Article link #2 : Please refer above link. — description in english. It is sold in about $500 in 1 card. You can buy TCM-FM2L FPGA Card by TEO Coin. Price : 20000 TEO , Except (VAT / Delivery) – $50 TAX and Delivery in local area. if export to foreign country, it will be more custom fee,DHL fee. Procedure : Product : TCM-FM2L x 10EA Date : apply – ~ 10th Feb / 2019 24:00PM (UTC+9) Apply Event : For Apply Send 1TEO coin to wallet : 0xBb471C8153E8Db9f01fCDaCca067913d890a027c And inform you applied to event , you tell to staff , jeong or inform it our telegram chat. You will receive index number. ( ) LOTARY : 11th Feb / 2019 12:00PM (UTC+9) , BlockHash first hexvalue is Lotary index. next BlockHash first hexvalue is next Lotary index. if same index or no index is choosed, then get next blockhash and Do lotary 10+ reserved number of candidates , until to meet. Pay to 20000TEO to above Wallet, and pay to $50 of TAX/Delivery Fee to company bank account. Company send FPGA Card to Customer.